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Bodyweight exercises are the best fit for everybody who doesn't have much time to workout and who wants to be able to train anywhere and anytime. For hundreds and thousands of years this used to be the number one training system in the martial arts, the military and many law enforcement special units to get extraordinary fit.


For more than 30 years I use bodyweight exercises in my own training and later in the systems I offer with incredible success to my athletic and fat loss clients. This DVD offers many exercises I didn't even know.

After the big success of my book „Fitness mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht“ („fitness with your own bodyweight“) which is probably the most complete collection of bodyweight exercises in Germany, I wanted to shoot a DVD like this. But then I came over the great work of two of my colleagues from the USA who are very experienced coaches in the fitness industry and got the license to offer this DVD set. It`s the perfect add to my book and contains many new exercises and variations.

Keine Sorge, Ihr müsst nicht Englisch studiert haben, um die DVDs zu verstehen. Durchschnittliches Schulenglisch reicht völlig aus und selbst ohne Englischkenntnisse ist alles zu verstehen, da die Übungen und deren Varianten sehr gut demonstriert werden!

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